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From the Editor Note: E ncouragEmEnt is making a dEposit into anothEr pErson ’ s lifE . It is with pleasure to invite you to enjoy The Christian Guide of the Smokies. The stories and writings within these pages are shared from the hearts of the author’s, in hopes to bring to you, the reader, inspiration and encouragement for the day. Our desire is that The Christian Guide of the Smokies will bless you and bring an extra measure of enjoyment to your time visiting the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. Reaching out to someone else can help them find courage to go on. Your encouragement could be the element that they need that makes the difference. A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success. ~ Anonymous Theresa Corum-Leveritt Theresa Corum-Leveritt, Editor TELL US WHAT YOU THINK! The Christian Guide of the Smokies — By registering, you have the opportunity to WIN a FREE weekend vacation in the Smokies! REGISTER ON OUR WEBSITE TO RECEIVE YOUR FREE DIGITAL COPY OF C HRISTIAN GUIDE Your Connection Vol. 26 No. 163.1302.01 P. O. Box 70156 | Knoxville, TN 37938 | 865.925.1474 Send Requests to: Listing information in this publication has been provided by Individual Properties. Queries from those wishing to contribute are welcome. Letters, activities and advertisements are restricted due to space availability. However, all queries are prayerfully considered and hopefully printed. Editor/Publisher Theresa Corum-Leveritt Editorial Assistant Morgan Leveritt Production Manager/Ad Design Julie Anna Summers Photographer Deb Campbell Production Mike Willemin Web Design Gary Breeden Assistant Debra Day Distribution Michael Asbury Marylou Peterman

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